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Oh. So now it’s a bad thing

I see. Lying to a grand jury is now a bad thing. I’ve always thought it was but it seems the lefties are choosy about it. I thought it was bad when Clinton did it and if Scooter did it … Continue reading

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Can you say mid-life crisis?

Sure, I knew you could. The Mazda didn’t work out but I did learn a valuble lesson. You would think at 51 I would have already learned it but obviously not. The Mazda started losing oil pressure at idle when … Continue reading

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Love that Frys, sometimes

Frys’ Electronics. The place we love to hate. Most of us geeks look forward to their ads because, well, because they have lots of geeky stuff. They also have about the best prices and selection around. You’ve probably been in … Continue reading

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Cruise 4 Kids

I’m going on my first charity motorcycle ride tomorrow. The ride is called Cruise 4 Kids. It starts at a Boeing parking lot, heads up the 405 then over to Pacific Coast Highway. We head inland at Malibu Canyon to … Continue reading

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We’re going to Carlsbad this weekend to see Heather, Mark, and Camden. I’m not sure what there is to do in Carlsbad but we were told to bring swimsuits. I do know it’s close to my favorite restaraunt chain, The … Continue reading

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