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A Leap in Speed

I just switched over to Time Warner 300/20.  It costs less than AT&T was charging me for 45.           I’m hoping this will last me at least until Google fiber comes in.

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Net Neutrality

Is anyone else worried about the fact that the government that couldn’t make a website work now has complete control of the internet? Just curious if it’s only me.

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S4 or iPhone 5?

It about time to update my phone again. I’ve had iPhones since a few months after the first one came out and I’ve always been very satisfied. Last year my company took over paying for my phone so we split … Continue reading

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As most of you know I have a “personal weather station”. That means I have weather instruments installed around my house so I can tell what the weather is at any given moment. I bought my first one back in … Continue reading

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Chrome Canary

I’ve been touting Google Chrome for a while now and I still really like it but… Today I was developing a website for work and wanted to be able to use JavaScript (actually jQuery) to grab an HTML table and … Continue reading

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Tablet Buying Saga, Slight Frenzy

A few weeks ago I sold my old Toshiba laptop to Patrick so he would have something for school (that’s another post I should make). He had wanted to buy a new one but I convinced him he would be … Continue reading

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New TV

I’ve had my Mitsubishi 55″ Rear Projection TV since shortly after we moved in here. That was in 1999. It’s been a good TV but for the last year or so it’s been losing it’s red every so often. It’s … Continue reading

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Speedtest Part 1 & 2

Here’s the speed test with DSL before the cable was in. And here it is with cable. Here’s one from Speakeasy At 6am on Sunday

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