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Tuesday October 25, 2022

Wait, What?

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For the last almost 2 years we’ve been told how it’s un-American to suggest the election of 2020 was stolen. The Republican governor candidate (Kari Lake) in Arizona can’t get the Democrat candidate (Katie Holmes) to debate her because Kari is an “election denier”. Notice if you happen to disagree with the left you’re a “denier” no matter what it is. Climate denier, election denier, you name it.

So imagine my surprise when today I heard that Hillary Clinton is already saying if the Democrats lose the 2024 Presidential election it’s because it was stolen. I kid you not, she’s actually saying that. Of course, she said that about the 2016 election, and 2000 and 2004 elections but that’s because Republicans won those too.

The new playbook is to say your opponent stole the election regardless of what actually happened. Facts don’t matter anymore. Just like they didn’t matter to Stacy Abrams when she had the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election “stolen” from her.

I swear if the Dems had an actual platform that could help the country this would be a real race for the midterms but the only votes they are going to get are people too brainwashed to understand what a crock they are being fed.

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