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Saturday December 10, 2022

True or False

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Wednesday November 9, 2022


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My last post said the only votes the Dems would get are from brainwashed people. I have bad news. Everywhere except Florida is full of brainwashed people.

How people can have 2 terrible years like we’ve experienced since Joe took over and want at least 2 more like that I will never understand.

MORONS. Plain and simple.

There’s an old saying, “pissing down my back and telling me it’s raining”. Apparently, a LOT of people got wet and didn’t understand quite why.

I want to move to Florida now. That seems to be the only state that has leaders that understand how to govern.

Tuesday October 25, 2022

Wait, What?

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For the last almost 2 years we’ve been told how it’s un-American to suggest the election of 2020 was stolen. The Republican governor candidate (Kari Lake) in Arizona can’t get the Democrat candidate (Katie Holmes) to debate her because Kari is an “election denier”. Notice if you happen to disagree with the left you’re a “denier” no matter what it is. Climate denier, election denier, you name it.

So imagine my surprise when today I heard that Hillary Clinton is already saying if the Democrats lose the 2024 Presidential election it’s because it was stolen. I kid you not, she’s actually saying that. Of course, she said that about the 2016 election, and 2000 and 2004 elections but that’s because Republicans won those too.

The new playbook is to say your opponent stole the election regardless of what actually happened. Facts don’t matter anymore. Just like they didn’t matter to Stacy Abrams when she had the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election “stolen” from her.

I swear if the Dems had an actual platform that could help the country this would be a real race for the midterms but the only votes they are going to get are people too brainwashed to understand what a crock they are being fed.

Sunday October 23, 2022

Swing State

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The last time I voted in either a Presidential or mid-term election I lived in a state that was completely controlled by Democrats. I knew my vote for anyone this side of Genghis Khan wouldn’t matter so I voted my conscience. Now I live in a swing state and my vote might matter. Even though I believe in many of the principles of the left when it comes to social issues I’m afraid their affinity for Socialism is going to make me vote for Republicans. I see very little difference between them but with the mess the left is making of this country now I can’t see how anyone thinks it should continue. Vote them out of office and if we are lucky they can at least slow down the damage.

Thursday September 22, 2022

Damn Stolen Election!

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Monday September 19, 2022

Larry Kudlow Article

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Larry Kudlow who knows a lot about the economy wrote this article on Fox News. There is a LOT of sense here if you aren’t hopelessly biased.

I have long thought one of the most important midterm election themes for the Republicans is to remind voters of the need for checks and balances to stop a far-left Democratic Party from literally running away with the country.

We’ve seen what Democrat control of both houses of Congress and the White House has done. We’ve seen how the far-left socialists such as AOC and her squad, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren have become the big tail wagging the Democratic dog.

Joe Biden ran as a moderate (sort of), but he and his staff kowtow to the radical progressive left. Senator Chuck Schumer has always been freaked out about being primaried by AOC. He was always a liberal, but now he’s a much worse liberal. Ditto for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

With great interest, we’ve all watched this internal Democratic Party debate between the left and the far left. The far left is winning and that is why the electorate needs to restore some sanity by electing Republican majorities in the Senate and the House. It’s a key argument. Republicans should use it more in the closing weeks.

We watched this big-government socialist crowd take a non-inflationary boom and turn it into a high-inflation bust. We watched interest rates shoot up and stock prices go down.

We watched them open the border with catastrophic consequences—lawlessness, fentanyl drug trafficking, sex trafficking and the destruction of border towns throughout the southwest. We watched them attempt to cancel our culture, deny parents power in schooling and deny the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as they rewrite history. We watched them support soft-on-crime prosecutors who favor criminals over victims.

We’ve seen them go hat in hand begging to our enemies as they attempt to destroy our best-in-the-world fossil fuel system, ban gasoline-powered cars, jack up electricity prices, hire communist-educated bank regulators and catastrophically embarrass American global standing by fleeing from Afghanistan.

Essentially, under this progressive government, nothing has gone right. Almost everything has gone wrong. That’s what we’ve gotten from three-house governance by the Democrats in Washington. I would think common-sense voters of all political stripes would want to put a stop to this. Create legislative checks and balances. The Wall Street Journal editorial today correctly points out that this gang that can’t shoot straight still wants to end the filibuster, deny right to worker choice and spend even more (spend much more), tax more (tax much more) and regulate more, much more.

If they haven’t completely buried the economy over the past 20 months, two more years of this will do it. This will be an inflation election and a recession election. This will be a crime election. This will be a border election. This will be a parenting election, but, in some sense above all, this must be a “stop the bad stuff” election, a “check on the left” election.

Ultimately, conservative capture of the White House will be necessary to straighten this country out and make it great again, but a “checks and balances” GOP message in the midterms would be a very good head start. The cavalry is coming.

Sunday September 11, 2022

Never Forget

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Wednesday August 24, 2022


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We are now at 8.5% inflation which is down slightly from last month’s 9.1%. Biden had the gall to actually say inflation was at 0%. What a moron. He knew darn well it was still at a 40-year high but he was going to take this as a win and lie to the American public as usual.

Last year the US added around $3 TRILLION in unbacked money and that is a good part of the inflation we have now. A week or so ago they passed a new bill they named “The Inflation Reduction Act”. Strange thing though, the CBO said it wouldn’t reduce any inflation for several years but it cost a little over $700 billion.

And now Biden has decided to spend another $300 billion $1 TRILLION to pay $10k to each person who has a government student loan of more than $10k. I’m trying to figure out if I can get the $17k I took in loans and PAID BACK. Probably not.

So when inflation keeps going up it’s time to thank Biden for everything. Higher gas prices, higher everything prices. And remember that when it’s time to vote this November. Democrats are the cause of you having to pay more for everything.

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