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Saturday March 27, 2010

Superbike Races at Fontana

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Another first for me today. I went out to Fontana Raceway(where they hold the California 500 NASCAR Race) and watched really fast motorcycles race. I’ve added the pictures to my gallery.

I have watched motorcycle races on TV many times and have always been amazed at the amount they lean in the corners. Today I found the most amazing thing was how fast they get going in the straight. These are motorcycles with the same basic engine that I have in mine in that they are 1000cc. These bikes have quite a bit more horsepower although not as much more as I would have thought. Mine has about 130 and these have 200. They hit over 175 MPH in the straight and they get there pretty fast.

One problem today was very high wind. I was hit with it on the way out(I rode my bike) and couldn’t believe they would actually race it in. They did postpone the race for about an hour and a half and when they did finally start it was still quite windy.

I have to say it was a lot of fun. I would do it again as long as I knew it wasn’t going to be so windy.

Saturday December 19, 2009

I want one

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A friend of mine sent me this. Not sure where he found it but I’m thinking it would make my commute easier.

Friday October 5, 2007


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I got my Givi and installed it today. I think it looks pretty good.

It sure has lots of room in it.

Here’s some more pictures.

Saturday October 15, 2005

Cruise 4 Kids

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I’m going on my first charity motorcycle ride tomorrow. The ride is called Cruise 4 Kids. It starts at a Boeing parking lot, heads up the 405 then over to Pacific Coast Highway. We head inland at Malibu Canyon to the 101 then to CBS studios in Studio City.

The ride is escorted by CHP officers so it’s a non-stop 60 mile trip. I thought about it last year but I had only had my M1 class license for a few weeks and didn’t quite feel comfortable taking that long a ride. This year it’s no big deal. I’ll take my camera and put up some pictures when I get back.

Sunday July 3, 2005

A Sunday Ride

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I took a ride today very similar to Chuck’s ride a few months ago. I didn’t take any pictures at Neptune’s Net but I was carrying my GPS receiver. When I got home I hooked it up to the computer and downloaded the data to Google Earth which is now available for download by the way.

Here’s some pics from GE that I generated.

Overall View.

The eagle-eyed among you should notice the above image is very similar to the picture at the top of this page.

A cool tilted view showing some ups and downs.

A close up of my house.

A higher view of my house.

And finally a closer view of the outlook..

Friday June 24, 2005

Friday again

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I love Fridays. I usually get home from work around 4pm and it’s such a relief to have 2 WHOLE days ahead of me where I don’t have to fight the rat race unless I want to. Since I’ve been riding the bike I get home anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes faster than I did in the truck. Although that helps a lot the stress of lane splitting(LS) up the 405 might offset it. I do better than I did the first few times but it’s still not a lot of fun.


I do miss having my coffee on the way to work but the coffee shop in our building serves Starbucks. I didn’t realize it but Starbucks is pretty darn good. It’s not bitter and it wakes me up without giving me the jitters(as long as I keep it to 1 cup).I’ve noticed there are 3 types of drivers when it comes to LS. Most of them don’t move at all. Some of them move out of the way. And once in a while you come upon a jerk that actually moves towards you to keep you from passing. I have no idea why they do that except for maybe dog-in-the-manger syndrome. They can’t get ahead and they don’t want anyone else to either.

Wednesday June 15, 2005

Nice pic but where was it taken

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The picture at the top of this blog is actually a panorama taken with my Olympus camera. I’m wondering if anyone knows exactly where it was taken. I suspect Chuck might be able to figure it out but most of you won’t. I’ve included a hint in this posting.

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