Why is that? Sounds exactly like when Nancy said we had to pass the ACA to know what was in the ACA.

Why are they such chickens and afraid of telling us?

I think we know the answer. If they told us, we would be against it.

So maybe you’re better off not voting for Joe since he won’t tell you his opinions on something this important.

don on October 10th, 2020


don on September 29th, 2020

So it looks like the Supreme Court is going to go more Conservative and Liberals heads are exploding.

Why did this happen? It all goes back to 2013 and Harry Reid. You remember him right? He was the Democrat Senate Majority Leader.

The Democrats were getting tired of the Republicans blocking Obamas appellate court nominees using the filibuster. Harry decided it was time to change the rules and make it so you only needed a majority to approve the judge instead of 60. Note this was only for non-SCOTUS judges but it changed the rules nonetheless.

Fast forward to 2017 after Mitch McConnell refused to put Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, to replace Antonin Scalia to a vote. He claimed it was because the president’s party and the Senate’s party were opposite and so did not have to put it to a vote. And legally that’s correct although I’ve always thought it wasn’t the best way to “get along” with the opposite party. No reaching across the aisle if you will.

Once Trump took office in 2017 he nominated Neil Gorsuch who was approved on a 54-45 vote. Three Democrats actually voted for him. Next up was Brett Kavanaugh. He was approved with one Democrat voting for him.

Fast forward once more to September 18, 2020 when Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a liberal, died. She was a great person who advanced the rights of many women. Note that she did NOT vote on Roe Vs. Wade as she was not a SCOTUS judge then.

Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace her and it looks like they will fast-track the vote to get it done by election day.

I would prefer they allow whoever is elected president to handle this as does the majority of other Americans. It’s something like 55% of the population would prefer that. But because of what Harry Reid did in 2013 the Democrats have nobody but themselves to blame.

As Barak Obama liked to point out, “elections have consequences”.

don on September 11th, 2020
don on July 28th, 2020

Check out this article on Forbes for an interesting take on Capitalism.


don on July 28th, 2020

I saw this on Quora. It seemed like a good thing to think about.


The Roman Republic is a fascinating case study largely because of how similar they are to us. Our entire system is based on the Roman model. Things like

  • Presidents
  • Vetos
  • Filibusters
  • Electoral college
  • The Senate
  • The legal system

Our government is largely a modern incarnation of the Roman Republic. There are of course differences and other influences but the broad strokes are largely the same.

The same thing can be said for Roman society. They were a proud people who viewed themselves as the arbiters of light and civilization. They fiercely defended their Republic and its values for generations. In addition, they were consumeristic, litigious, hedonistic (but always dreaming of the morally upstanding previous generations), inventive, and flexible- similar to US citizens.

Now as we all know Rome fell into authoritarianism and suffered leaders like Caligula and Nero. This is the part that is relevant to us. Rome offers us the chance to learn from a similar civilization and avoid their mistakes.

We have not learned well because we have made the same mistakes.

As Rome went from regional power to superpower they faced issues. The wealth gap had grown, the poor were desperate and angry, and money corrupted every level of politics.

In this stepped 2 political parties. The Populares were a reformist party that supported the poor and the Optimates were a conservative party that supported tradition.

These 2 parties started to dominate the system. Slowly but surely the entire Roman government was consumed by these parties until almost every living politician and citizen clearly aligned with 1 party or the other. Then 4 things happened

  1. The parties started viewing each other not as rivals but as enemies. The greatest threat to Rome was the other party- not the Parthians or Germans.
  2. The entire government started to focus 100% on obstructing the other party. Governance became impossible and the government became horribly ineffective
  3. Since the parties were already spending their time going after one another, and since they viewed each other as a threat, violence became acceptable. Slowly but surely peaceful speeches and protests turned into violent clashes
  4. The parties started revolving more and more around influential and popular leaders. These demagogues held increasing power in the Republic and had legions of loyal followers.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you see the parallels too?

The result of these 4 things was civil war. First, between Sula and Marius, then the Cataline conspiracy, then between Caesar and the Senate. Civil wars do not necessarily kill Republics, instead they are the virus that causes the heart to fail. Civil wars or just civil conflicts lead to instability and fear. When people are afraid they will willingly hand over their power and their rights for safety. This is what threatens us.

We are on the VERY same pathway right now. We follow leaders more than ideals, we view one another as enemies and threats, we allow violent riots instead of peaceful protests, and we are all willing to go to war over this.

Do I think civil war is going to happen now? Not really. I don’t think the 2020 election will result in an outright civil war.

But regardless of who wins it will only make things worse. Biden is playing to the progressives- meaning Republicans will despise him. Trump is doing what he does meaning Democrats hate him.

The problem is that this trend of viewing political opponents as threats to the nation has already set in deeply. Every 4 years we have this winner-take all battle where the future of the nation is on the line. This is already a hostile setting before you add 2 political parties that view each other as the greatest threat to mankind there is.

Partisanship in American politics is at an all-time high and everyone is doing it. More worrying is the people- the hatred that spews from all directions on social media and even on Quora. If you want to talk politics you will be belittled, demeaned, insulted, and threatened- and this will happen constantly and in nearly every discussion.

I wish I knew what we could do- I wish anyone really did. I just don’t see any other way this plays out beside a very violent and turbulent future. To tell you the truth I am afraid- I am deeply afraid that the world my children inherit from me will be a giant catastrophe. I am afraid I will be alive to bear witness to the collapse of my home and the ruination of my civilization. I hope we can come together, I hope we can avoid the mistakes of the past, and I hope the future is a bright place. I hope that we aren’t like Rome and somehow, for the first time in human history, we are able to avoid the coming storm we have created. Maybe I am wrong about all this- I would like nothing more.

don on June 28th, 2020

Here’s a very interesting video of Candace Owens (a black Conservative woman) having a conversation with Marc Lamont Hill (a black Liberal man).

It’s quite long but very worth the time you need to put in. They both bring up great points and I strongly urge you keep an open mind if you decide to watch it.

don on June 27th, 2020

I was going to post this on Facebook but I realized it would only continue the lack of civility so I’m putting it here on my blog instead.


I’m coming back but for only one question.

If the problem is we have a racist president then why weren’t all the current problems we are being told about solved when we had a black president for 8 years? Did he not know? Was he unable to change things yet somehow this non-politician is making everything that much worse?

I can give you the answer to the second part in that if it was really about how racist this country is, the last president would NEVER have been able to be elected.

So spare me your excuses. This is and has been the best country for being a minority in for the last 50 years and possibly more than that. Yes, it has a way to go but I guarantee if you think tearing down our history and statues is going to do it, you’re going to find yourself on the wrong side of our future.

This country isn’t racist. It has some people who are racist and the vast majority of the people want to do something to change that and will. But if you keep thinking the answer is to apologize for your “privilege” then you don’t understand what needs to be done. Listen to Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, even Morgan Freeman. As he says, “the only way to get rid of racism is to “stop talking about it.”

But the fuse has been lit and you won’t listen to him. You’ll virtue signal because you think that will protect you from the “mob”. I’ve got news for you, it isn’t going to work. We need to back off from the whole “Black Lives Matter” mantra. OF COURSE BLACK LIVES MATTER! But when you tell me I’m racist if I suggest all lives matter then it’s my job to point out that by you saying that, you are in fact being racist. You are putting one race above all others. And don’t try to sell me that crap about “you just don’t understand!”. Of course I understand. I’ve understood it since I was protesting the Vietnam war in the 60s and 70s. Those of us who wanted the war to end didn’t care what color you were then and we don’t care now. We do care when people are mistreated for being a certain color and we will rise up with you for that but not when you resort to violence and tearing down EVERY monument to the past. You’re even tearing down monuments to people who got the whole abolish slavery movement started. And you’re tearing down monuments to a president who was willing to go to war to abolish slavery, and did.

I’ve heard some people talking about “this needs to be done to fix the problems.”. And when I hear about this or that needs to change I always ask “who gets to decide what and how much needs to change?”. And all I get are blank stares. I just don’t understand they say. But I do understand. And what I mainly understand is if this doesn’t stop, we will have another civil war. But this time it will be very different because one side is very well armed and the other side isn’t. The armed side would much prefer to have the unarmed side just back off and affect change the way this country has always affected change. Make your case heard. Protest is the backbone of this country. It always has been. But taking that protest and turning it into mob violence is NOT the answer. And if it continues you’re going to see the peaceful side get tired of it and do something against it.