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Tuesday December 14, 2021

From Quora

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This is from the website Quora. Although I don’t agree with all of it I do with some. At the very least I think it shows why a lot of people aren’t running to get a vaccine.

As a vaccinated American, how do you feel about those refusing the shot as cases surge and another lockdown looms?

I got the shingles vaccine – to protect myself from shingles.

I got the tetanus vaccine – to protect myself from tetanus.

I got the measles vaccine – to protect myself from measles

I got the xxxxxxx vaccine – to protect myself from xxxxxx

I got the covid shot – to protect myself from covid.

See a pattern here?

With the Covid shot I suffered for a week, and will NOT be getting a booster.

Why would I ask someone else to get a vaccine to protect me? It’s my choice, and my responsibility to keep myself safe.

The vaccine has a long list of side effects, and estimates are that the reporting to VAERS are estimated to only be about 20% of actual issues.

I’ve ordered Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, D3, zinc, quercetin, vitamin c, and have more faith in them than the jab.

Cases of cancers, cardiac events and more are on the increase in the vaccinated. While the real effectiveness is about 8% to 10%. Listen to the “Dark Horse” podcast – they are real scientists who talk to reputable doctors.

We have very little information on the vaccine, there were limited trials, with enough issues that other products would have been pulled from use. But not Covid.

Why do you think that the big-pharma companies want to release documents over the next 75 years? Something to hide?

And if all that doesn’t convince you. What about science? In science I’d make a hypothesis and test it. Then publish it. Others would look at the research, make their own decisions, make their own tests, and possibly refute and propose other solutions. This process, in it’s purest form, makes sure that the best ideas are taken, and refined by a large audience, tested, and retested.

Now, think about Covid – no review, no possibility of other treatments, no discussion, only the vaccine. Why? If you don’t take it you will be; fired, fined, ostracized, etc. Why this pressure? If the government was really interested in saving people they would pursue other methods, and look into any alternatives to see if they work. And they don’t. WHY?

All for something that has a death rate just a little worse than the Flu…

It’s not about Covid, it’s about control.

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