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Friday June 24, 2022

Roe Vs Wade

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I was with John Roberts. I believe they should have left it alone. The country was already so divided I guess this can’t make it much worse.

That said, I wish the left would just stop lying. There has never been a “right” to abortion in the US Constitution. Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg said she thought Roe vs Wade was the wrong way to go about legalizing abortion.

So now it’s illegal in some states and legal in others. It’s back as a state’s issue which is what it should have always been. If you live in a state where it’s illegal and you want it legal you have 2 choices. Work to make it legal in the state you live in or move to a state that it is legal.

I watched AOC and Maxine Waters incite people to insurrection. Aren’t they the same people who are trying to put all the January 6th rioters away for “insurrection”? Don’t they say that’s what Trump did? So you should understand my confusion to see them doing the same thing they said Trump did.

But if you look at the polls you will see most people agree with me. They think Roe Vs Wade should have been left alone but they also believe it shouldn’t be up to the federal government. Most people think abortion should definitely not be legal after the first trimester.

Some on the right are now suggesting the left is going to legalize abortion up to the point of birth and retroactive abortion up to 1 month after. I think that’s just a way to get their side as crazy as the left is. I don’t believe anybody in state government actually believes you can kill a 30-day-old baby. But some on the right do and that goes back to our fundamental problem. We have a very divided country. I wish we could come together like we were on September 12th, 2001.

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