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Wednesday August 24, 2022


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We are now at 8.5% inflation which is down slightly from last month’s 9.1%. Biden had the gall to actually say inflation was at 0%. What a moron. He knew darn well it was still at a 40-year high but he was going to take this as a win and lie to the American public as usual.

Last year the US added around $3 TRILLION in unbacked money and that is a good part of the inflation we have now. A week or so ago they passed a new bill they named “The Inflation Reduction Act”. Strange thing though, the CBO said it wouldn’t reduce any inflation for several years but it cost a little over $700 billion.

And now Biden has decided to spend another $300 billion $1 TRILLION to pay $10k to each person who has a government student loan of more than $10k. I’m trying to figure out if I can get the $17k I took in loans and PAID BACK. Probably not.

So when inflation keeps going up it’s time to thank Biden for everything. Higher gas prices, higher everything prices. And remember that when it’s time to vote this November. Democrats are the cause of you having to pay more for everything.

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