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First step for the implants.

You can follow this a bit better on my implant blog. Just returned from the extraction and a bit groggy. Starting to feel a bit hungry too.

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I am now officially retired. That doesn’t mean I’m done working but it does mean I’m taking some time off. It felt really strange coming home yesterday knowing I don’t have a job. I would be very scared if I … Continue reading

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Thunderbird 3 Beta 1

There is a Beta version for Thunderbird 3 available. I usually jump on betas but since I’m not sure what this might do to my email I’m not going to try this yet. If you want to here’s the link.

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Who? What? When? Why? How?

William Ayers. Jeremiah Wright. Michael Pfleger. Tony Rezko. Rod Blagojevich. Barack Obama. Can you say “bad choice of friends”?

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Maple Summit Farm

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I’m getting implants!!!

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