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Where there’s smoke….

Yes, there’s fire. I’m sure you’ve heard about our newest fire in SoCal. It started at Topanga Canyon Blvd and the 118(Simi Valley) freeway. I went outside and took a few pictures. This first one is looking due east from … Continue reading

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Barbie’s Car

I’ve been thinking about how dangerous it is to ride a bike when it’s raining. Especially a bike that has 140 horsepower. I’ve also been thinking about how uncomforatable it is to be soaked. With those 2 things in mind … Continue reading

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Another music meme

A music meme I found on “A Small Victory“. I decided it would be fun. I graduated in 1972. And yes, I chose 2 songs as my favorite. It’s my blog and I decided I couldn’t decide. 1. Enter the … Continue reading

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New Kenosha Stuff

I put some new pictures from Google Earth and our GPS info from the Kenosha trip into the gallery.

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The Blame Game

Bush was 100% to blame! The mayor of New Orleans didn’t have a plan! The governer should be recalled for ineptitude! Michael Brown needs to be fired! This is the new game in the US. Liberals blame Bush and Brown. … Continue reading

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Hegs n’ Mark

Heather and Mark now have a blog and photo gallery. Check it out.

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The trip

So we left LA on a Northwest flight Thursday the 1st. We arrived in Milwaukee around 6:30 and it took a lot longer to get our car than it would if I had used National. We rented from Hertz because … Continue reading

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We just got back from Kenosha. Here’s the link to the pictures. Tired, will write more later.

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