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See the World, kind of

Would you like to fly around the world? See things you’ve never seen? If so I’ve got the application for you. It used to be called Keyhole but Google bought them and now it’s called Google Earth. It’s a program … Continue reading

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Friday again

I love Fridays. I usually get home from work around 4pm and it’s such a relief to have 2 WHOLE days ahead of me where I don’t have to fight the rat race unless I want to. Since I’ve been … Continue reading

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I would have to take exception to thier name but try out this link if you’re feeling down. I doubt I’ve ever seen anything so stupid yet had me falling down laughing.

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Et tu honey?

Yes, I snore. In fact I’ve been told my snoring might be a little loud at times. Ok, a little loud is probably an understatement. I guess I’m chainsaw loud, especially when I’ve got stuffed sinuses. I’ve tried taking antihystimines … Continue reading

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Hannity and Home Boy

I used to like watching Hannity and Colmes. They are political commentators on Fox news in case you’ve been under a rock. Hannity is to the right of me and Colmes is WAY to the left(of me). During the election … Continue reading

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Nice pic but where was it taken

The picture at the top of this blog is actually a panorama taken with my Olympus camera. I’m wondering if anyone knows exactly where it was taken. I suspect Chuck might be able to figure it out but most of … Continue reading

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Music meme

There’s a music meme where you list the first song of each letter in your mp3 player. Here’s mine. All By Myself- Celine Dion Baby One More Time- Britney Spears Carolina In My Mind- James Taylor Dear Diary- Britney Spears … Continue reading

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Gumbo Day

Tomorrow is Gumbo Day at work. That means I’ll be making my roux. For those of you who have never made a roux it’s not easy. Simple yes, but not easy. It involves mixing flour and some kind of fat(oil, … Continue reading

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