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iLove iT!

Ok Donna, here’s the post. When I heard about the iPhone I figured it would be similar to an iPod. Very slick but overpriced. When I finally played with one I realize it was VERY slick and overpriced but it’s … Continue reading

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Alton’s Cottage Cheese

Alton Brown made some cottage chesse from skim milk and like most stuff he does it looked really good so I tried it. You take a gallon of skim milk and heat it in a pot. When it gets to … Continue reading

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700+ scripts for Counter-Strike: Source with movies, screenshots

The EventScripts community just released a beta for their new Web 2.0 script repository featuring hundreds of scripts for CS:S and Half-Life 2 mods. This is a test of the Digg Blog It! read more | digg story

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This is a really cool little app!  Take a look at what it can do.

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Here’s a fun site that I found.

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Go Cindy!

What an idiot!

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Fabooboo’s Forum

Betty now has a real blog instead of that Blogger thing.  Jenny used to call her Fabooboo when she was young and Betty has always liked it so it’s Fabooboo’s Forum.

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My first YouTube

I made a video of a script I wrote for Counter Strike. It makes a player into a black hole when you make a headshot. I suspect my family won’t understand much of this but that’s ok.

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