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Seems like my attempt at getting rid of spam also got rid of most people’s ability to post a comment. It was a setting in the options on a new plugin that did it. I’ve turned it off so hopefully … Continue reading

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Alton’s pancakes

I decided to try Alton Brown’s pancake recipe the last time I made them and they were so good that’s what I’m using from now on. Here’s some pics to get you hungry. That’s the batter. I find I have … Continue reading

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One month, technically.

My quit date was February 12th so technically I have been a non-smoker for a month.  Yeah yeah, it was a short month but that’s my story and I’m stickin to it. At $5 a pack I’ve saved about $140 … Continue reading

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Day – 3 weeks plus a few days

I haven’t written anything about not smoking lately.  That’s because there’s nothing to say about it other than I’m still not smoking.  I guess I could call myself an ex-smoker technically.  I saw the Doctor on Monday and told him … Continue reading

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New Akismet

There is a new version of Akismet available. I got to thinking it wasn’t working all that well because I’ve gotten several over the last few days. When I went into the Akismet page I realized I’m just getting hit … Continue reading

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Bon voyage

We took Mark and Heather to the harbor so they could do their cruise this afternoon.  They are on a 3 night LA to Ensenada Mexico cruise.  I get to go back down there Monday morning and pick them up.  … Continue reading

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