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Reagan Library

We went to the Reagan Library today to see Air Force One and President Reagan’s tomb.  I always enjoy going there but this was the first time we’ve been since he died.  Photos are in the gallery.

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The ports and Arab hysteria

Since the port deal has come to light I keep hearing stories about how the 9/11 hijackers had ties to the UAE.  Two of them came from there.  Some of the money went through UAE banks.  The UAE recognized the … Continue reading

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A most cruel and horrible beast!

We’ve got a rabbit. It’s not so much that we wanted a rabbit. I want lots of things but a rabbit is way down on my list. But nevermind that because we’ve got one in our back yard and I … Continue reading

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My name is Don……. and I’m a geek

I admit it. I am poweless over technology and my life has become Windowless. I can’t seem to satisfy my urge to install operating systems on my computer. Only another geek would understand. It started with Red Hat(Fedora Core actually) … Continue reading

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If you’re running Firefox 1.5 you should be getting a popup soon telling you to update to  It’s a security update that will also take care of the printing problem Daryl mentioned a few days ago.  Betty got the … Continue reading

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