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This is one of those emails that ask you to send to to pass it on so I’m doing my part by posting it. From my friend Pres.

I’ve seen that on quite a few posts and on many news stations.

It’s a thinly veiled accusation that Trump didn’t act quickly enough.
Well I’m mad too.

I’m mad that Pelosi and the U.S. House wasted close to 3 months pursuing an obviously futile impeachment of the President.

I’m mad that Pelosi sat on those very impeachment papers for 28 days before sending them on to the Senate.

I’m mad that the Senate was shut down for 21 days in January and early February dealing with Pelosi’s impeachment, thereby leaving Trump to deal with Covid alone, with no support from either the House or Senate.
I’m mad that the day the President closed travel to and from China, Chuck Schumer declared the action “racist”.

I’m mad that 28 days after the travel restriction, Nancy Pelosi, downplaying the severity of the virus, begged people to visit Chinatown in San Francisco, again playing the race card.

I’m mad that Pelosi swooped in at the last hour of the stimulus package, adding things that were pure politics and had nothing to do with the dire circumstances at hand.

I’m mad that the Obama administration didn’t replenish the National Medical stockpile of masks after the H1N1 virus scare.

I’m mad that there are top doctors and experts in many fields having to waste their time at daily press briefings just so the “media” can pester them with gotcha questions that they think might be their ticket to a Pulitzer.

I’m mad that Pelosi is now talking about an investigation into Trump’s handling of the Covid crisis. Every day, every turn, every word, every breath since before he was elected, President Trump has been attacked, mocked, accused and belittled by Pelosi and her gang.

(And don’t even get me started on the media.)

So there it is…… I’m mad as hell that our country is going through this and petty bickering from the left won’t even stop for people who are dying while our economy is imploding.

Hey Nancy, why don’t you man up and stand side by side with the President to work through this mess?

American citizens need to see “all” of Washington working together and your mob are infuriatingly absent.

I’m mad about that too . If you are also ticked off, pass this message on.

If each of us pass this message on to 3, 4 or 5 people … we’ll get the job done before Mother’s Day!

Oh yeah, and just remember that if Trump and Pence were to die from the virus, she would be your President.

Let that sink in…!!