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WordPress 2.5

There’s a new version of WordPress out. I just installed it but I’m not quite sure what’s new. It definitely looks different than the older versions. I think they were going for a simpler look. They have made it easier … Continue reading

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Who Really Cares?

That is the title of a book by Arthur C. Brooks that came out a bit ago about the giving habits of Liberal and Conservative Americans. Republicans have typically been called cold and heartless by Democrats. Most Liberals truly believe … Continue reading

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Where am I again?

We were in Trader Joe’s tonight getting some Clam Chowder when they made an announcement over the PA system. They said, “If you would like to see some rare weather for LA go look outside. It’s hailing.” We went to … Continue reading

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Quite typical

Yesterday when I first read about Eliot Spitzer on Yahoo I was wondering if he was a Dem or Repub. When I finished reading I was sure he was a Dem, not because Yahoo said so in the story but … Continue reading

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We came down to the Chicago area yesterday and spent the night in a La Quinta in Schaumburg. Schaumburg is about 35 miles from downtown Chicago and a bit north of O’Hare. Today we drove in to go to the … Continue reading

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