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But first….

A panorama of the street Joce and Eric live on. Click here to see the panorama

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Liam! Kenosha!

We arrived yesterday. We went to eat at Applebees and then we went back to the hotel. Today we picked up Joce and went to Jelly Belly and the Mars Cheese Castle. Then we went to see Lake Michigan and … Continue reading

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More animated gifs

Here’s a few more cute animated gifs I’ve seen lately. You might notice the Panda is just a variation on an earlier one I had where the Panda was giving birth.

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Congrats to me

This is pretty cool!

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Thanks Donna!

Pasta e Fagioli is what Donna wrote about a week or so ago. She said it was really good and would be even better with sausage. I decided she was probably right and made it tonight. It was really, really … Continue reading

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They don’t need ice water now…

Because Hell has frozen over. Ann Coulter is supporting Hillary over John McCain and just now I heard Tammy Bruce say she endorses Mitt Romney. I’ve seen it all….

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