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Nerd test

Although I would call it a Geek test.

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Liam is here!

Liam William Weiss was born at 5:32pm Wisconsin time. He is 8lb 7oz and 21″. He and his mom are doing well and I understand he’s beautiful! The first picture is here. This was sent as it looks from Joce.

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Stipend, rebate, check, or welfare?

I hope some liberal helps me understand this because it’s hurting my head. Democrats are against the Bush tax cut and want to let it expire or roll it back completely. But now Democrats want to send money back to … Continue reading

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Tioga George and me

I’ve had a link to the Tioga George blog for quite a while now. If you don’t read his blog you really should. He’s a 70 year old guy who travels the US and Mexico in his RV and writes … Continue reading

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Lots ‘o’ Rain

We’ve had quite a bit of rain this weekend. On Friday we had 1 inch here. On Saturday we only had .08 inchs here and so far today we have had about 1/4 inch but more is on the way. … Continue reading

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