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New phone

Betty and I had been using Samsung X427 phones for about the last 2 years. They were ok, nothing fancy. Small flip phones that had a pretty color screen but if you wanted more than the 5 pictures that came … Continue reading

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A short History of Mankind

Humans existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunter/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer & would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in winter. The 2 most important events in … Continue reading

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Did he or didn’t he?

I’ve been hearing this quote on conservative talk shows for a while and I’ve always liked it. “If you’re 25 and not a Liberal then you haven’t got a heart, and if you’re 35 and not a Conservative then you … Continue reading

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Mine tragedy

I blame Bush! Where was the National Guard? Why didn’t they show up immediately? I think it’s pretty clear this could have been prevented if Bush had been doing a better job. This just shows that Bush doesn’t care about … Continue reading

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Not the best New Year but..

New Years eve day Betty woke up early with some chest pain. She decided she should go to the Emergency room so I took her to Northridge Hospital. They put her on an EKG and said her heart wasn’t beating … Continue reading

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