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Tuesday July 3, 2012

For Daryl

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Friday June 24, 2011

Dennis Miller and Air Force One

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Betty and I are going out to the Reagan library in Simi Valley to eat dinner under the wings of Air Force One and then attend a performance by Dennis Miller. I’ll let you know how it was later.

Thursday July 16, 2009

Ok, but how about Zorro?

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There was an interesting article on the NBC Los Angeles news website today about a guy showing up in a KKK outfit. I read all through it but doesn’t something else seem a little odd about this photo?


I wonder why they didn’t say anything about the guy at the podium. Isn’t that Zorro?

Link to story

Sunday June 14, 2009

Don and Devon Lafferty +

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Here’s a picture of Don Lafferty and Devon Lafferty plus a couple of other Laffertys. This is my buddy Don in Phillie.


Thursday June 4, 2009

I like this.

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I got tired of this starting every time I went to my blog. Here’s a link if you want to see it.

Thursday April 16, 2009

Go Ashton!

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It will probably be over by the time you read this but today it’s been kind of interesting. Ashton Kutcher has challenged CNN to see who gets to 1 million Twitter followers first. It’s been on Yahoo and there is even a site that is updating it live. I’m pulling for Ashton.

Friday March 13, 2009

Even LuthorCorp is having hard times

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“Lex Luthor Bailout” with Jon Hamm from Jon Hamm

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