Betty and I went to the San Diego area this weekend to get a grandkid fix. We met up with Heather, Mark, Camden, and Carsten in Cardiff By the Sea on Saturday and went to the Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park. Then we went to Point Loma, and then back to The Fish Market for dinner. After that we went back to the hotel and sat in the jacuzzi. Mark went to the store and got us all some ice cream before we played Trouble!

This morning we got up and ate then left the area. We stopped to see Richard at San Onofre and then cam home after lunch.

Betty has lots of pictures which I’m sure she will post soon.

3 Comments on Grandkid Fix!

  1. Mom or Gma says:

    Hah! Your blog states that your high today was 101º; last evening at 10:00PM, it was still 104º here. And you are only 76º now. It’s almost impossible to top Phoenix in the summer time.

  2. Don says:

    Um yeah, I don’t think I want to top Phoenix in the summertime. 😉

  3. Richard says:

    Good to see Don and Betty on Sunday. Too bad Dianna was not here. I’m with Don; no one would want to top Phoenix in the summertime. That is, unless by topping you mean better temperatures, not higher temperatures. We have not broken 76 in the past couple weeks. I think that tops Phoenix and the San Fernando Valley as well! 🙂