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Why the Meltdown?

Take a few minutes and watch this video.

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That’s $700 billion with a “b”

I’m certainly no financial expert but I have a pretty good idea taking $700 billion from taxpayers is going to hurt our descendants in the future. Maybe it’s time to just tough it out. So we can’t borrow for a … Continue reading

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Any questions?

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Jenny’s New Car

Jenny got a new car last week. She’s been driving one of ours ever since her last car, our old Ford Contour, seized up. The new one is a Suzuki SX4 Sport. It’s quite nice.

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Never forget.

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Dick Morris weighs in

This is an article by Dick Morris. I get these daily from I find most of them quite informative. This one I had to share. A STAR IS BORN By DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN Published in the The … Continue reading

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Too good to not post

Here’s a link to a good comparison between the 2 inexperienced candidates.

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