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Little Miss Muffet

Eating her curds and whey. Speaking of curds and whey I’ve had a hankering for some cheese curds for the last few weeks and I finally did something about it this week. I made some. Well, I think I made … Continue reading

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New WordPress

Daryl told me the Plesk update also updated our MySQL and PHP so the new WordPress should work. He suggested I try it to make sure it works and I have to report success. It seems to work just fine. … Continue reading

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Nifty GIF

I saw this and really liked it. It’s a good example of what you can do with an animated GIF. Here’s another really neat animated gif. One more for good measure.

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Stupid DWP!

Yes, stupid power company! Ok they may not be stupid but they really annoyed us yesterday/last night. I was watching a little Scrubs yesterday at about 4:45pm when we had what appeared to be a power glitch. My computers all … Continue reading

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