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Sunday March 14, 2010

First geocache

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Betty and I finally decided to get out and see if we could find a geocache or two. We had to pick Michelle up at 1pm so at 12:30 we headed over to this cache.

It was in a park with lots and lots of Mugles around. We walked around and couldn’t find it. It was getting close to time to get Shell so we had to leave without success.

After we picked up Shell we decided we would look for one more and then go home. I knew one was near a Del Taco just down the street from us so I pulled in and located this one on my iPhone. I walked over to a pole and there it was sitting in a little niche on the pole. Success!

I think we’ll try it again next week and spend a bit more time but for our first try it quite satisfying.

I think the iPhone with one of the apps is plenty good enough to find any cache. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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